Safety and Security Cost Comfort Productivity Benefits

Safety and Security Cost Comfort Productivity Benefits


ShAirForceOne™ Owners gain the numerous benefits of owning a share of the best aircraft in the world, without the concerns of aircraft management, scheduling, or maintenance.

Unique proprietary methods of Ownership and operational systems provide for the benefits described herein, unattainable through full or standard fractional ownership, charter or scheduled commercial airline opportunities.

Although counterintuitive, the cost for you to fly on ShAirForceOne™, clearly a much higher quality, exclusive flight experience, is most often 44% to 94% less expensive than flying standard fractional, and 50% to 91% less expensive than flying private charter.

ShAirForceOne™ Ownership can be structured for each client’s unique travel requirements.

Ownership is available with entitlement to as few as 50 Person Flight Hours per year for flights between one CityPair, or as many Person Flight Hours per year as you may need on multiple domestic and international ShAirForceOne™ CityPairs.

ShAirForce™ comfort

Every Client on every ShAirForceOne™ aircraft feels like they are the President traveling on Air Force One, and their guests feel like they are treated as the President’s family on Air Force One.

The spacious aircraft interiors are the most luxurious in the world, a different universe than any other aircraft you have ever flown on, whether private jets, or commercial first and business class.

Bigger and better than every other private jet in the world.

ShAirForceOne™ Clients and their guests enjoy virtually unlimited choices for their culinary preferences, including but not limited to a fabulous wine list, cocktails, and our Client’s favorite delicacies from departure cities.

ShAirForceOne™ Owners and their Guest(s) may recline in a comfortable chair, relax on a couch, or stretch their legs while walking around the cabin. Having all the comforts and conveniences of home or office ensures that you can maintain personal productivity even when flying across the globe nonstop.

Comforts such as a dining area perfect for conferences or gracious meals. You can meet, eat, sleep, and dine in comfort … and be sure to arrive at your destination refreshed and ready for business or going out on the town, day or night.

All domestic ShAirForceOne™ flights are nonstop flights, as are most international flights to the farthest distances on the globe. Flight combinations will only increase destination choices.

Happy people, a new concept in corporate air travel, will help you retain key personnel.

Safety and security as extreme as our luxury and comfort

ShAirForceOne™ Aircraft

Our Security Group

ShAirForceOne™ aircraft are new Airbus ACJ320neo, ACJ330neo and ACJ350 XWB aircraft with 100% of the latest safety systems and features. Our exclusive ShAirForceOne™ Program pilots have extensive flight experience and the highest levels of ongoing training. Many are former military. Maintenance is safe and easy to schedule with low annual flight hours per aircraft.

Our Safety Requirements

All ShAirForceOne™ Program flight operations conducted under FAA Part 121, by FAA and DOT Certificated Air Carriers, with an extensive history of safe flight operations experience worldwide. FAA Part 121 safety requirements are the strictest in air transportation, more protective than the regulations for those that operate under Part 91 fractional programs and Part 135 charter operations. Important safety issues such as maximum allowed flight time for pilots before rest, mandatory rest time for pilots between flight days, amount of flight experience pilots must have to operate (fly) the aircraft, and other things we believe, and we think you’ll agree, are quite relevant to comfort, safety and flight time for pilots before rest, mandatory rest time for pilots between flight days, amount of flight experience pilots must have to operate (fly) the aircraft, and other things we be

Our Security Group

Our Security Group must first approve every single Owner, and each of their desired guests, as authorized future ShAirForceOne™ passengers. Security approval must be obtained in advance of ever stepping anywhere near, or boarding, any ShAirForceOne™ aircraft for the first time. ShAirForce™ will perform a one-time in-depth security and background check to obtain authorization to be a future ShAirForceOne™ approved flyer. For each flight, advanced methods  of identity confirmation are utilized. Every ShAirForceOne™ Owner or their Guest’s identity will always be 100% known. The combination of FAA and DOT required security measures, along with our own Advance Security Clearance, Pre-Flight Intelligence Review and 100% identity confirmation methods allow our flyers, and their families, to be as sure as one may possibly be about safety while traveling by air. For the safety and security of our clients, no further details will be provided publicly about the many additional significant aspects of, and those responsible  for,  our  Owners  and   their guest(s)’ security and the protection of all ShAirForceOne™ aircraft, both pre-flight and in-flight.

ShAirForce™ Pricing

Flight on any ShAirForceOne™ aircraft, between any of our City Pairs, is available exclusively for ShAirForceOne™ Owners and their authorized guests at a remarkable fixed cost per Person Flight Hour, and although no other flight experience can be compared, ShAirForceOne™ pricing is surprisingly close to flying so-called “first class” on commercial airlines, and most often an astounding 50% to 94% less costly per Person Flight Hour compared to standard fractional or charter offers.


Compare to "First Class"

“First Class” per Person Flight Hour rates, based on a 2020 study of available “first-class” flights with no restrictions among more than 50 top flown international CityPairs, yielded average rates per Person Flight Hour of $900.00! Some domestic CityPairs were as high as $800.00 per Person Flight Hour! This does not include the additional cost of time, lack of productivity before and during flight, and the effective cost after flight of a less than thrilling and tiring flight experience flying with the major carriers.

Compare to Standard Fractional

With Part 91 fractional programs, the quantity of passengers on the aircraft determines the actual cost per Person Flight Hour. The rate per Person Flight Hour, depending on how many are flying on the standard fractional aircraft, varies dramatically. The combined hourly cost for you to fly on ShAirForceOne™, clearly a much higher quality, exclusive flight experience, per Person Flight Hour, constant, is most often 44% to 94% less expensive than flying standard fractional, and 50% to 91% less expensive compared to flying private charter.

Fractional Competitors’ and Private Charter Hourly Rates

There is significant fluctuation in the cost per Person Flight Hour with standard Part 91 fractional operators and Part 135 private charter operators, always primarily determined by the number of passengers, among other variables. The cash saved on every trip will always be substantial for ShAirForceOne Owners.

The cost per Person Flight Hour with standard fractional programs, always on smaller aircraft, is usually 79% to 1,567% more expensive than ShAirForce.


ShAirForceOne™ aircraft are equipped with broadband Internet throughout the aircraft, with digital TV and other video entertainment options, and constant access to a ShAirForceOne™ Global Concierge.

Many corporations report one of the top reasons for resignation of key personnel is their valued employees’ frustration under current travel conditions. 

Value your key personnel and fly them on the most desired aircraft in the world, and, save money.

Productivity waiting in airports and flying existing commercial airlines is challenging at best. Lines, a hard-plastic seat while waiting to board, a small plastic tray to work on in flight, are not “first-class”. Productivity is extremely difficult under such conditions.

On every ShAirForceOne™ aircraft, after a quick pre-flight check-in, our Owners and their Guest(s) can spread out, work and think, arriving relaxed, refreshed, and ready to tackle business.

Happy people, a new concept in air travel, will help you retain key personnel.

Be Productive

Your flight time on ShAirForceOne™ will be more productive than any other flight experience, and most places on the ground.

Arrive Relaxed

Stretch your legs, enjoy luxurious space and privacy to productively work and think, arriving relaxed, refreshed, and ready to tackle business


The ultimate, most luxurious flight experience, every flight, at pricing that will absolutely thrill you.
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